Progress Report

Environment and Sustainability

New Operational Environmental Targets

  • Reduce normalized electricity usage at owned and operated manufacturing facilities by 10% by 2023, compared to 2017 baseline
  • Incorporate 25% renewable energy into normalized overall manufacturing energy usage by 2027
  • Reduce normalized carbon emissions by 20% by 2023, compared to 2017 baseline year
  • Reduce normalized carbon emissions by 50% by 2028, compared to 2017 baseline
  • Reduce absolute waste to landfill by 20% by 2023, compared to 2017 baseline
  • Increase overall manufacturing diversion rate to 75% by 2028
  • Achieve two Zero Waste certified manufacturing facilities and one office building by 2023

Information graphic describing carbon emissions Information graphic describing sustainable sourcing

Our Citizenship Key Performance Measures

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Social Responsibility

Weekly Work Hours at Mattel Owned and Operated Plants

Our employees' safety and well-being is important to us. One aspect of our social responsibility program is that we aim to achieve a 60 hour work-week. While this takes time, we do see continuous improvements.

*Mattel's 15 manufacturing plants in Canada, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Thailand.

The classification of hours follows ICTI CARE’s classification system as outlined below:

≤60 hours per week: In the past 12 months, work a minimum of 40 weeks at less than or equal to 60 hours/week; and with a maximum of 12 weeks "Seasonal over time" at greater than 60 hours/week but less than or equal to 66 hours/week.

>60to≤66 hours per week: In the past 12 months, work a minimum of 40 weeks at less than or equal to 66 hours/week; and "Seasonal over time" with maximum of 12 weeks greater than 66 hours/week but less than or equal to 72 hours/week.

Weekly Work Hours at Mattel Owned and Operated Plants

Social Insurance and Housing Fund

Mattel's 14 company-owned manufacturing facilities are fully covered by social insurance programs in accordance with local laws and regulations.

In addition to social insurance, employers in China pay into a housing fund. Of Mattel's 6 owned and operated manufacturing plants in China, 5 are fully contributing to the housing fund. In 2018, all plants will be fully compliant.

Health & Safety

Environment, Health and Safety training

Building EHS knowledge and technical capabilities at each management level is a critical component of Mattel EHS program. In 2017, we set the objective to have top management at each company-owned facility to complete the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) 10-hour safety training to increase awareness of health and safety hazards.

To date, 50% of these top leaders have completed the training, putting us on track to meet the objective. In 2018, OSHA's 10-hour safety training will be expanded to include associate managers and above at each operation site. Success will be tracked against the goal of more than 85% of managers completing training by the end of 2018.

Total Recordable Incident Rate at Mattel*

Incidents per 200,000 work hours

2015 2016 2017
0.31 0.29 0.25

*Mattel follows OSHA’s definition of a recordable incidents:

  • Any work-related fatality.
  • Any work-related injury or illness that results in loss of consciousness, days away from work, restricted work, or transfer to another job.
  • Any work-related injury or illness requiring medical treatment beyond first aid.
  • Any work-related diagnosed case of cancer, chronic irreversible diseases, fractured or cracked bones or teeth, and punctured eardrums.
  • There are also special recording criteria for work-related cases involving: needlesticks and sharps injuries; medical removal; hearing loss; and tuberculosis.
Total Recordable incident rate

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