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Mattel is committed to maintaining a diverse, respectful and inclusive culture that encourages creativity, inspires innovation and supports employees’ professional development, so that they can achieve their full potential.

Just as it is important to know how Mattel is performing as a business, it’s also important to know how we are performing as an employer. That’s why we regularly ask our employees to share their thoughts on what it’s like to work at Mattel, and why we benchmark ourselves against best-in-class consumer products companies for their employee engagement practices.

Mattel’s unique and inspiring workplace culture plays a large role in the company’s ability to retain and attract top talent. Mattel has ranked highly on several prestigious workplace culture lists, including #20 on Reputation Institute's prestigious US RepTrak list of the 100 most reputable companies in the United States.

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    Listening to Our Employees

    Open and honest dialogue between Mattel senior management and employees is an important part of our culture and mechanisms are in place for employees to provide feedback. We survey our employees to see what is going good and what could be improved. We then create action plans to address those areas that need improvement. In addition to regular company-wide communications from senior management, our leadership encourages feedback through regular employee town hall events, smaller group sessions like lunch-and-learns, tea-talks and other channels, to gather employee input and demonstrate importance of employee feedback across the global organization.

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    Global Diversity and Inclusion

    We believe that fostering a diverse workforce enables us to apply a broad range of knowledge, experience, perspectives and insights toward our business goals. Mattel seeks to create an inclusive culture, where differences are appreciated and employees are valued for the various ways in which they contribute diverse viewpoints. This makes our organization stronger, gives it greater depth and allows for a culture in which all individual employees are able to contribute to their full potential. Our commitment is reflected in our policies, training initiatives and benefits programs, to protect individuals from unlawful employment discrimination based on gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression, or any other basis protected by applicable law.

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    Employee Resource Groups

    Employee resource groups support employee development, advance business interests and engage with community partners. Eight employee resource groups were started and are led by Mattel employees at our American Girl, Fisher-Price and Global Headquarters.

    Bridging Relationship for Innovation, Development and Growth (BRIDG) strives to build a bridge across different departments, through generations and out to the community to connect, learn, adapt and foster One Mattel.

    Latinos En Mattel serves as a resource to Mattel by providing insight into the varied cultural perspectives of the Latino community.

    Mattel African American Forum (MAAF) is a prominent internal source of information and insight regarding Black/African American culture within Mattel.

    Mattel Asian Diversity Exchange (MADE) creates awareness at Mattel regarding relevant Asian issues, shares insights and celebrates a rich and diverse cultural heritage.

    Our Proud Employee Network (OPEN@Mattel) is geared toward addressing the needs of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Mattel employees and allies.

    Parents is committed to a long-term vision of building a global network of employees, helping parents at Mattel achieve work/life harmony.

    Sustainability for Employee Engagement and Development (SEEDs) sows an inclusive culture of sustainability at Mattel, to reap a future in which we all can play.

    Share | Learn | Innovate | Connect | Execute facilitates the sharing of ideas, innovations and best practices across divisions at Mattel by hosting social events, panels, off-site tours and custom brainstorm experiences.

    Women of Mattel (WoM) acts as an internal source of leadership and insight for women at Mattel.

    Mentoring Program

    Women of Mattel created a mentoring program that supports mentoring opportunities for women and men who are motivated to grow professionally. We recognize that in addition to formal training initiatives, developing a mentoring relationship outside of one’s supervisory line can provide valuable insight into some of the subtleties of business culture and personal development. This program helps to provide additional development for our employees.

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    Playing Green

    Our goal is to promote a culture of sustainable growth both within Mattel and in the communities in which we operate. Our success in integrating sustainability into the business is dependent on our ability to engage employees across the globe and at all levels of the company.

    Mattel’s SEEDs and green teams promote environmental thinking and build a sustainable culture. Together, they are planting the seeds of change that are taking root and growing across the organization.

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    Earth Month

    At Mattel, we get excited about Earth Day, so much so that we celebrate it for an entire month. Around the world, Mattel organizes events throughout the month of April to engage our employees and let them show their passion for the environment.

    Some examples include:

    At our Corporate Headquarters in El Segundo, California, we held a Sip Sustainability event offering free coffee to employees when they provide their own reusable mug, hosted a No Print Challenge to reduce printing and paper waste on campus, and collected E-waste.

    In Hong Kong, we launched a plastic awareness campaign with a Plastic Footprint Calculator to encourage employees to reduce their plastic consumption and increase recycling efforts

    In Indonesia, our Earth Day campaign encouraged all employees to take good care of the Earth through reduction of waste and conservation of water and energy.

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