Mattel Ranks #17 on Reputation Institute's 2019 Most Reputable US Companies List

In 2019, Mattel ranks as # 17 on Reputation Institute's prestigious US RepTrak list of the 100 most reputable companies in the United States, improving from a score of #20 in 2018. The list is based on a survey taken by more than 52,000 individuals. Respondents were responsible for ranking leading American companies' performance related to product quality, positive influence on society, ethical behavior, transparency and more. The results show stakeholders' emotional bonds with companies where high scores indicate supportive behaviors such as consumers purchasing the company's products, investors buying shares or talent joining the company.

Mattel stands out as one of the most friendly and creative companies. According to the Reputation Institute; 'Mattel embodies leadership via innovative products that promote diversity, female empowerment, and body positivity'. For more information, click here.

Mattel® Joins How2Recycle

How2Recycle is happy to announce that Mattel is the newest member of its organization. Consumers will soon see the How2Recycle label on new Fisher Price® Wonder Makers™ Design System Build Around Town™ starter kit in stores across the country. The label informs consumers that the inside bag can be recycled at Store Drop-Off (along with plastic grocery bags and dry cleaning bags), and that the outer box can be recycled curbside in most communities across the U.S.

Additional Mattel products will begin to carry the How2Recycle label starting in 2019, including Hot Wheels®, Matchbox®, and Barbie®.

"Toy packaging can often have many pieces and components, making it difficult to know how to recycle properly," said Caroline Cox, Project Manager, How2Recycle. "Mattel, the company behind many beloved toy brands, is in the position to help their consumers recycle more and more accurately, by clearly communicating how to properly dispose of each component in their package. We're thrilled to welcome Mattel as the most recent company to How2Recycle."

The How2Recycle label is the only U.S.-based recycling label that is standardized across all packaging types and is the only label to offer comprehensive instructions on packaging recyclability in an easy to understand format. Thousands of brand name products already use the label and it can be found in retailers in hundreds of stores across the country. The program also provides custom recyclability assessments and offers all members insight into how the packaging may be de-designed to be accepted for recycling curbside in the U.S.

Edena Low, Vice President, Supply Chain Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) and Sustainability, Mattel states "Mattel is proud to join How2Recycle in educating consumers about how to recycle our packaging. Encouraging our consumers to recycle packaging helps us contribute to a healthier planet and shape a brighter tomorrow for all the children we serve."


The How2Recycle Label is a U.S.-based standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. Over 100 companies and thousands of name brand products are carrying the How2Recycle label on products. How2Recycle is a project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition®, a membership-based group that brings together business, educational institutions, and government agencies to collectively broaden the understanding of packaging sustainability and develop meaningful improvements for packaging solutions. For more information, follow us on Twitter @How2Recycle or go to our website at

Companies interested in joining How2Recycle can visit for more information or contact

In 2019, for the second year in a row, Mattel received a 1 Out of 10 Score on ISS's Social Rating, Where 1 is the Best

In 2019, Mattel received a 1 out of 10 score on ISS's social rating, where 1 is the best. ISS analyzes social risks in terms of human rights, labor, health & safety, stakeholder & society and product safety & quality. The score is based on a company's preparedness to face and mitigate risks and its commitment to be hold accountable to risks. More information about ISS and social performance ranking can be found here

Mattel Continues to Demonstrate Commitment to its Sustainable Sourcing Principles

In 2011, Mattel implemented our Sustainable Sourcing Principles to demonstrate our commitment to conserve natural resources by advancing the use of post-consumer recycled content sustainably-sourced paper and wood fiber in our packaging and products. Our Sustainable Sourcing Principles guide us in diligently improving how we conserve resources, advance responsible sourcing practices, and encourage our supply chain partners to do the same.

Mattel has concluded its Sustainable Sourcing Principles annual survey of over 60 of our paper, packaging, and wood suppliers. In 2017, we sustainably sourced almost 590,000 tons of paper and wood fiber. Currently, 93% of paper and wood fiber used in our packaging and products contains Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or recycled content. We have exceeded our 2018 goal of 90% sustainably sourced or recycled content for products and packaging, and are on track to achieve our goal of 95% by 2020. These goals include paper fiber in packaging for our products, as well as paper and wood used in our products. Excluded from this goal are marketing materials and office supplies, which will be addressed in a Phase 3 roll out starting in 2020.

We will continue reinforcing to our suppliers our commitment to using paper and wood fiber from responsibly managed forests, and strive to maximize post-consumer recycled content, avoid controversial sources of fiber in products and packaging, and increase the percentage of sustainably sourced fiber that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Mattel Joins the Mekong Club to Support Industry-Wide Efforts to Combat Modern Slavery in Supply Chains

Mattel is committed to combat any type of modern slavery in our supply chain and working with the Mekong Club's experts helps us minimize risk. The Mekong Club brings industry-specific working groups together to eliminate modern slavery. This encourages like-minded companies to share experiences and work together to review available information, identify industry priorities, and provide suggestions on what can be done on a practical level to positively influence workplace conditions and ethical recruitment.

Mattel Partners with CCR-CSR to Provide Summer Program for Left Behind Children

During July and August 2018, Mattel completed a summer program for left behind children to join their parents at the Mattel factory in Chang An during their school summer vacation. This is the eighth year that Mattel has organized this much-loved summer program and for the first time, Mattel partnered with CCR-CSR and like-minded companies to share best practices and take the program to the next level.

The first summer program was launched in 2011, when Mattel recognized a need for workers to spend time with their children, who in some cases, were left behind in their hometowns with extended family as caretakers. For four weeks, when the schools are closed over the summer, Mattel's summer program allows families to share their daily lives, which creates stronger bonds between children and parents, who otherwise only get to see each other once or twice a year. The program is free of charge to the worker and provides a safe location, teachers, a meaningful program to learn and develop and - of course - a big emphasis on play. The children get a chance to not only learn Mathematics and English, but they also get comfortable expressing themselves through play, develop their creative skills and abstract thinking and to play outdoor sports and games. This summer, 60 children participated in the program.

It can be stressful for parents having to leave their hometowns and making the difficult decision to leave their children with other caregivers. Parents often express concern that they feel guilt and that they worry about their children as they cannot interact with them on a daily basis and give them the necessary stimulation and sense of security that is so important during childhood. As a company that puts children first, Mattel takes pride in being able to play a small part in providing its workers' children an opportunity to learn and develop through the summer program.

Mattel and Beijing Children's Hospital Group Provide Premium Healthcare and Medical Training for Underserved Yan Shan residents and Healthcare Practitioners in Southwest China

Mattel's purpose is to inspire wonder in the next generation to inspire a brighter tomorrow. Through our partnerships with world-renowned children's hospitals including UCLA's Children's Hospital and Beijing Children's Hospital, Mattel aspires to improve children's healthcare and offer more children the chance to not only be physically healthy but also to develop social, creative and emotional skills through play opportunities.

As a part of Mattel and Beijing Children's Hospital Group's partnership, in January 2018 Mattel facilitated a visit to Yan Shan County in rural Yunnan for China's leading pediatricians, providing medical consultations to the local community and conducting training sessions for local doctors at the Yan Shan County People's Hospital.

During the visit, leading experts from Beijing Children's Hospital Group (BCHG) conducted trainings for 40 local Yan Shan healthcare professionals. BCHG practitioners within respiratory system diseases and nutrition and digestion shared best practices and new medical research with their local counterparts to initiate knowledge exchange for some of the most pressing issues related to children's health in rural China.

In 2012, Mattel was the first international company establishing a manufacturing plant in the region - Mattel Yan Shan (MYS). MYS is a sewing plant employing up to 3000 people during peak season. People in Yan Shan county are well-known for their sewing and embroidery skills which made it a good location for Mattel to open a plant specialized in soft goods manufacturing.

'Improving healthcare services for children is a priority for the local government and to achieve this, talent development is key. As we have limited resources, the opportunity to learn from China's leading experts is invaluable for our local practitioners - not just from a knowledge exchange perspective but also in terms of inspiration and to become a part of a network of pediatricians', said Dr Huang, Deputy Head of Yan Shan County's People's Hospital.

Close to 300 children received free medical consultation during the two-day visit. During the consultation sessions, BCHG doctors teamed up with local colleagues to see patients together. That way, the consultations served as further practical training for Yan Shan doctors and provided patients with a local point of contact for follow-up consultations, diagnoses and treatments.

'Yan Shan is classified as one of China's prioritized national poverty counties. Traditionally, children requiring anything more advanced than basic medical attention, need to go to Yunnan's provincial capital Kunming. The long and expensive trip requires parents to take time off work and often causes financial distress for families. Our goal with this program is to make it easier for Mattel employees at MYS and for the local community to get access to good healthcare', said Melissa Liu, HR Director at MYS.

By offering free medical consultations to the local community and building relationships between pediatric departments at county, provincial and national levels, Mattel aims to give more children access to healthcare and identify special developmental, health or support needs at an early stage. With the right intervention programs put in place at an early stage of a child's life, the chances to live a full and healthy life increase.

Mattel Participates in the Digital Worker Voice Pilot for Employee Engagement to Enable our Manufacturing Workforce to Utilize Mobile Technology for Providing Feedback

Mattel is excited to announce our participation in the Ethical Toy Program's pilot project to use a smartphone application as a platform to improve communication, receive real-time feedback and offer an anonymous channel for workers to voice concerns.

Well-functioning and easy-to-use grievance channels for frontline workers are key to capture early warnings of non-conformance with Mattel's Responsible Supply Chain Commitment. Traditionally, factories have relied on tools such as hotline numbers, in-person counselling and suggestion boxes as grievance channels. With the help of smartphone technology, Mattel now aims to provide workers with a safe, trusted channel that enables anonymity and a two-way dialogue in one solution.

The anonymous survey tool will make audit processes more accurate and transparent by scaling the number of workers interviewed. Real-time feedback on performance will provide management valuable insights on areas of improvement.

The pilot will run for one year beginning in June 2018 with future plans to expand the program. Microbenefits is the technology partner of the project and the pilot is generously sponsored by the Walt Disney Company.

Fisher Price and Alibaba Partner to Launch Research Lab in Shanghai to Support Parents

[From left to right: Jenny Xu (Mattel), Frida Zhang(Mattel), Dr. Wang Chao (Save the Children), Jeff Wang (Mattel), Mrs Deng Lan (EWECCPN), Ruby Lin (Fisher Price Ambassador), Duan Ling (Alibaba TMall), Zhang Yan (Alibaba TMall)]

In March 2018, Fisher Price and Alibaba Innovation Center partnered to launch the "Mom Research Lab", with support from the United Nations' Every Woman Every Child Partner Network (UN EWECPN) and Save the Children. The initiative aims to support young parents, particularly mothers, to become happier and more confident in a world with sky-high expectations and societal pressure.

'With Alibaba's deep consumer insights and Fisher-Price's expertise in early child development, the 'Mom Research Lab' will facilitate innovation and design solution for today and tomorrow's parents in China', said Mr Jeff Wang, VP and Country Manager Mattel China.

In a joint white paper entitled 'China's Millennial Mothers - External Pressure, Everyday Struggle and Unconditional Love,' launched at the event, challenges for millennial mothers were identified and the importance of keeping a balance between being an individual and a mother was one of the recommendations. The 'Mom Research Lab' supports UN EWECPN and Save the Children's ongoing efforts to create better support environments for mothers to help children develop in a healthy way.

During the opening ceremony, representatives from the UN EWECPN and Save the Children China talked about the positive impacts the project will bring to Chinese mothers and their children. As part of the launch, Fisher-Price also unveiled a new art exhibition reflecting parents' love for their babies.

[Mrs Deng Lan, Deputy Secretary General, Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, EWECCPN]

Mattel Celebrates International Women's Day

Mattel's Mabamex plant in Tijuana, Mexico celebrated International Women's Day 2018 with recognition of the importance of womens' health and wellbeing. In partnership with the Instituto de la Mujer (INMUJER), a non-profit organization dedicated to women's rights, Mabamex offered free medical consultations to female employees and check-ups for cervical cancer, breast cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes. The attending medical professionals advised on preventative measures to stay healthy and INMUJER offered free legal advice and psychological help for anyone having questions related to physical or psychological violence.

Female role models at the plant, paving the way for other women in traditionally male-dominated work areas, were recognized in a special photo series launched during the day.


1. Responsible Supply Chain Commitment

As one of the first brands to create and implement a formal code of conduct, Mattel believes that providing a safe and ethical working environment in the factories that make our products is an investment in our workforce, productivity and sustainability, and something we will not compromise. Since 1997, Mattel has had standards that guide our efforts to manufacture responsibly. These standards, originally known as the Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP), establish ethical and environmental requirements that all our manufacturing facilities must achieve. In 2015, we strengthened our GMP and renamed it the Responsible Supply Chain Commitment (RSCC). The RSCC is a comprehensive set of standards and oversight processes that communicate our expectations for responsible factory working conditions, environmental protection and appropriate oversight to ensure progress is made on these fronts, including ensuring that non-compliances are identified and corrective actions taken. These standards include important issues from stakeholders and reflect the most recent industry practices and changes to regulatory statutes.

2. Material Selection

Whatís the most important part of creating a toy? Making sure itís safe. Mattel designs and engineers thousands of toys and other childrenís products and each model is evaluated to make sure it meets stringent safety standards, and provides a comprehensive chemical safety assessment for all new materials. Click HERE to learn more about Mattelís product safety procedures and chemical safety assessments.

3. Mattelís Commitment to Responsible Sourcing

Sourcing conflict-free minerals in our products further advances our commitment to responsible practices. We do not condone human rights abuses or violence in any form and therefore are taking steps to ensure that minerals procured for use in our products do not support conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries. In this regard, Mattel will perform the necessary due diligence to avoid the use of minerals that benefit armed groups in these countries, in accordance with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)ís Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas. For more information on our conflict minerals position read here.

4. Recycling & eWaste Programs

Mattel offers a mail-back program through its partner, Reverse Logistics Group Americas, Inc. (RLGA), which allows Mattelís customers to return certain Mattel electronic products for recycling free of charge. Click HERE for information on Mattelís mail-back program as well as electronics recycling information by State.

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